The obsession

Life begins with pizza

The Woodfired Guys are two childhood friends, who went from just being obsessive foodies that loved pizza, to being two guys fanatical about creating the perfect pizza!

Both of us had successful careers but just felt like something was missing, this will sound pathetically cheesy but we didn’t have any passion for what we were doing. After a few years of going back and forth, talking about the what if’s, we thankfully decided to take the leap of faith and here we are today.

It took us over 5 years of research, determination and literally hundreds of recipes to perfect the authentic Neapolitan style dough and freshly prepared sauce that creates the base of their signature pizza.

Sourcing only the finest ingredients from the Italian plum tomatoes, fresh basil and quality Italian 00 flour to ensure the very best authentic Neapolitan style pizzas

The Woodfired Guys

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